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Welcome to the "November" 2005 edition of Nu Voices at One of our main goals here at is to continue to expose as many of these artists as possible and give them a positive venue to be seen and heard. Each month we will feature independent artist, which may or may not appeal to you. However, we hope you have the same inquisitive passion for discovering fresh, creative & innovative "Nu Voices" color> as we do.

While you're here check out the Nu Voices Archives:
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    E. Shawn QaissauneeE. Shawn Qaissaunee - Passing Through
    "Sometimes simple, sometimes complex- sophisticated and funky- harmonically adventurous jazz with grooves galore and catchy melodies. "

    Argonauta Argonauta - Lotus Child
    "An evocative and imaginative sound that is both contemporary and reminiscent of a period in jazz known as "The Cool". "

    Sansaverino JJ Sansaverino - Sunshine After Midnight
    "a diverse showcase of original guitar styles-including R&B, jazz, rock, fusion and JJ's trademark ballad style ". "

    Speed of SoundSpeed Of Sound - So Inclined
    "Speed Of Sound is eclectic contemporary jazz that includes elements of jazz, rock, blues, latin, traditional jazz, instrumental ballad, etc. But this album is perhaps the most eclectic ..."
    Global PhatnessGlobal Phatness & Hafez Modir - Suryaghati
    "A bold new sound at the crossroads of world, jazz and phat electronic groove. You'll feel the heat of the desert, while the beats drive your body and melodies ... "
    Quamon FowlerQuamon Fowler - The Vision
    "The Vision" is apart of Core Instrumental Music, LLC founded by Quamon. "The Vision" features artists from the southern region of Texas and Lousiana area like, saxophonists Rachella Parks ..."
    Alan Ferber NonetAlan Ferber Nonet - Scenes From An Exit Row
    "Building on the nonet tradition established by Lee Konitz and other composer-improvisers, the Alan Ferber Nonet features some of NYC's most distinctive ..."
    Alan Ferber NonetOscar Perez - Nuevo Comienzo
    "Pianist Oscar Perez employs an instrumental quintet of extraordinary New York based artists. The sound draws from latin and jazz music to explore innovative arrangements ..."

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