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About JMG at Contemporaryjazz.com

Charles Bibbs - Jazz on JazzContemporaryjazz.com is currently in a transition period of sorts, the torch has been passed to the Jordan Music Group. Phase one of our mission is to seize this opportunity by assisting contemporayjazz lovers through the myriad of changes that are currently taking place in the music world by doing our part to celebrate art of modern, fusion, Latin, smooth and Brazilian jazz. We occasionally venture into disscussions of reasons why contemporaryjazz even exists by recognizing Traditional Jazz, the father of this music we passionately pursue.

Thanks to the formation of friendships established through the vehicle of the Internet ("contemporaryjazz.com"), four kindred spirits from various locations around the US have established a bond, a "Brotherhood". This brotherhood is relentless in pursuit of all the various styles of jazz by devoting ourselves to the world of contemporayjazz and continuously probing our way through this medium to chronicle the evolution and strengthen its voice in the music world.

In recognizing that the music industry is undergoing significant changes, we understand that there are many young and new artists struggling to be heard as the major labels restructure or resize the number artists under contract, seemingly on a whim. Understanding that in order for any art form to evolve, it needs new ideas, voices and talent, we will be focusing special attention on independent artists.

Please bear with us during our transition. Our goal is to serve as the meeting point for all things related to contemporary jazz. Help us reach our goal!

Charleston, SC native Terrill J. Hanna as an adult moved westbound to Southern California. His passion for music evolved through his Fathers' Music Collection & Disc Jockey Business from over 25+ years of experience. He currently plays the trumpet with influences such as Arturo Sandoval, Herb Alpert, Donald Byrd & Miles Davis. In the 80's, His music horizon expanded with a host of r&b artist to known and unknown contemporaryjazz artists. He currently resides in the Highland, CA area, where he works in Sales for a local newspaper. In his leisure time, He likes to spend time between Family, Friends, Cooking, Sports and Music. For much of how Jazz has brought him joy to his ears also comes with a commitment to The Jordan Music Group & others sharing the same love & passion for the genre.

Mike Owens was born and raised in Los Angeles, California: “I was in my teens during the ‘70’s. Living here, I took for granted the wide variety and constant availability of Soul, R&B and Jazz. I had two uncles who I enjoyed hanging out with (they tolerated me). Their tastes ran between Soul and Jazz, and I just soaked it all up. My greatest influences in music appreciation came from my grandfather. He listened to all types of music. His only criteria was “…does it swing?” He personally knew and listened to all the greats, and used to tell me of times when he would hang out on 52nd street in his Zoot Suit. I remember him throwing me out of the room once when I told him I had never heard “St Louis Blues” . It wasn’t until I joined the military and traveled around the world that I realized how much I had taken constant access to music for granted. Since returning home, I try to catch as many live performances as I can. For my day job, I work in the IT field, where I have so far avoided destroying data or crashing servers while listening to music as I work.”.

Pennsylvania resident Lou Bruno ... says his jazz musical awakening began when he was introduced to mainstream and traditional artists in his early teens. The experience was short lived because he then turned away from jazz due to peer pressure. His friends were into rock and roll bands. When he was a junior in college his musical interest took a major about turn after he heard his first "fusion jazz" album - Donald Byrd - Black Byrd. It was a re-birth of jazz music for Lou. He felt energized and it opened the floodgates to explore fusion jazz and much much more. His musical journey has taken him to many styles of jazz, e.g. fusion, fission, progressive, free, hard-bop, big band, swing, Latin, world, new age, contemporary jazz, smooth jazz and other sub-genres. Lou has become a serious and avid music collector, and enjoys learning from and sharing his interest with others

Western, North Carolina native Rob Young was introduced to a variety of music (in the mid-60's) by his mother and sister-n-law. After becoming reasonably familiar with the voices of Ramsey Lewis, Young, Holt Unlimited, Jimmy Smith, Wes Montgomery, and Cannonball Adderely, it was only a matter of time before jazz was overflowing into his listening space. Soon thereafter, he began saving his lunch money to buy records at a local college bookstore (Western Carolina University). The 70's was a growth period for jazz in all flavors, fusion, contemporary, cool and so forth. He also spent 10 years (late eighties thru late nineties) working part-time in radio hosting jazz shows (Lights Out-Asheville, Fusion Flavors & Night Moods Cafe) spinning a variety of jazz sounds on local stations. Rob continues to pursue his passion for modern jazz by discovering fresh innovative voices in unqiue places on the web. He currently resides and works in Chattanooga, TN. His leisure time is split  between his wife, Christ, friends, cooking, listening to jazz and writing reviews for contemporaryjazz.com.

Noteworthy: the artwork used in the new contemporaryjazz.com logo on the homepage is by artist Cbabi Boyac (pronounced Kuh-Bobby) delivers a eye catching work of art called "Big Foot Bob". The symbolic graphic used next to the JMGroup address (on the reviews and nu-voices pages) is by Moreno Valley, CA resident Charles Bibbs titled "Jazz on Jazz" stims from his passion for jazz.

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